Supplier Diversity

Managing and measuring supplier diversity programs to encourage the participation of local, small and minority businesses and workers.

How our clients benefit from our services and management software

Community and Stakeholder Outreach

Our Community and Stakeholder Outreach Strategy will demonstrate your organization’s commitment to meeting the goals established for regulatory compliance.

Regulatory Compliance Tracking and Reporting

Our compliance tracking and reporting management software measures the economic and social impact of program spend through the collection of demographic and payment information from Prime Contractors and Subcontractors.

Set Project Goals

Intuitive solution to manage key financial metrics.

Streamlined review of collected data.

Set Supplier Tiers

Central repository for contract hierarchy, contractor profiles and certifications.

Track Project Spend

Multi-tier accurate payment reporting. Reconciliation of contract commitment to payments made.

Report and Measure

Key performance indicators and realtime reports.

Forecasting and monitoring of spend.

Measuring Economic Inclusion and Workforce Utilization since 2010

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