Supplier Diversity Analytics

Better data drives better decisions.

We integrate multiple data sources and deliver value to our clients through assessing supplier diversity spend as well as by identifying opportunities for more intentional spend for the business.

Supplier diversity spend touches every part of an organization. Insightful reporting expands the return on investment.

Gain insights into the outcomes of your supplier diversity program. The Supplier Diversity Analytics engine interprets data to inform decision-making, assess performance, and derive actionable recommendations.

It is important that an organization send clear messages on the WHY, HOW, and WHAT of supplier diversity engagement. Doing this will support engagement and accountability, while sharing the results on a regular basis can help foster friendly competition and build individual and group commitment to support the program and the diverse suppliers who are engaged.

“The future of supplier diversity is all about delivering results. With the demographics of this country changing so rapidly, the fate of our nation’s economy rests on the growth of minority businesses. Minority businesses represent the biggest potential growth sector in our economy. We need to be able to create, build and sustain minority businesses. And more than ever before, we need to accurately report our impact to win public support for what we do.”

—Louis Green, former interim president, National Minority Supplier Development Council