The project was proposed in response to Maryland’s Offshore Wind Act of 2013 and is designed on the premise that renewable energy can be a reliable solution to meeting modern electricity challenges. At the right size, in the right location, Skipjack Wind 1 can help Maryland meet its clean-energy and emission-reduction goals.

Situation: The Skipjack Wind Farm (the “Project”) is a new 120 MW offshore wind farm that will be located between 17 and 21 nautical miles off the coast of Maryland in BOEM Lease OCS-A 0482 and will interconnect with and deliver power to Delmarva Power’s 138 kV transmission system in Ocean City, MD. 

Challenge: Skipjack is mandated to implement a plan for Supplier Diversity and the use of Minority Business Enterprises, Small Business Enterprises, and Skilled Labor including targets for sourcing and subcontracting Local Business Enterprise, Local Minority Business Enterprise, and local county resident workforce. Skipjack recognizes the importance of the participation of MBEs, SBEs, and VSBEs in the State of Maryland, and will use good faith efforts to achieve the State’s goals for all work conducted in the State of Maryland.

Skipjack’s parent company engaged Laisar to provide consulting services in accordance with procedures, guidelines, and goals developed in consultation with the Governor’s Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs (GOSBA) and other State of Maryland stakeholders.

Approach: Laisar worked closely with Skipjack to support the design, development, and implementation of the MBE plan.

Laisar’s deliverables included:

  • Creating a Community Outreach and Engagement strategy
  • Developing Regulatory Compliance Tracking & Reporting

Outcome: Laisar advised during the creation of the community outreach and engagement strategy and supported the design of an implementation plan. In addition, Laisar designed the reporting templates in accordance with the established requirements for generating metrics and tracking compliance.


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