Simon Mikes

Project Analyst

Silver Spring, MD, Office

Simon engages in Research & Development initiatives. He leverages his versatile business and engineering skills by improving Laisar’s products to provide clients with the most comprehensive and actionable guidance.

About Simon

Simon is interning as a Project Analyst focusing on Research & Development tasks at Laisar. He assists in various projects aimed at enhancing product performance and delivering cutting-edge solutions to clients. His role involves extensive research, data analysis, and the implementation of innovative strategies to optimize product offerings.

Simon is soon to graduate with a Master’s degree in Business Engineering from the Free University of Brussels. Originally from Belgium, he studied for a semester at the University of Maryland. His language skills include English, French and Dutch. Simon’s international exposure, coupled with his academic experiences, makes him a valuable asset to the team.

As a former youth movement leader, Simon is deeply committed to improving the quality of life of communities. During his studies he got to be familiar with the realms of supply chain, sustainability and social and economic development. Using both his analytical and creative skills, Simon helps challenge existing ideas with a fresh perspective while learning every day.

Interest: Contributing to better decision making

Fascinated by statistics and facts of all kinds, Simon likes to find creative ways to analyze and visualize them in order to better understand them and make better decisions to improve our daily lives.

As a team player with a strong can-do attitude, Simon will always find solutions to the problems he is facing. When he is not deep in analysis, you will find Simon running around a lake, playing field hockey or listening to his favorite alternative rock tunes.

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