Miladis Palacios

Director of Operations

Silver Spring, MD, Office

Miladis organizes and oversees the daily operations of Laisar, ensuring that our business is well-coordinated and productive by managing our procedures and building cohesiveness among our people.

About Miladis

Miladis is Director of Operations at Laisar. She reviews, analyzes, and evaluates business procedures. She implements policies and procedures that improves day-to-day operations, and ensures our work environment is adequate and safe.

Miladis oversees staff performance and supports company operations, ensuring goals set by company leadership are met.

Prior to joining Laisar, Miladis has been a bilingual customer service professional with extensive experience in management of multiple staff positions in the provision of client services for fleet management, production print, client move services, inventory management and mail services. She is skilled in all aspects of employee relations, organizational development, and achieving performance management objectives.

Miladis has developed technical solutions to implement procedures and technology by determining the current requirements for mandated printing and mailing Health Care Benefit programs. She has analyzed and documented all requirements by actively working with staff and senior level management. She has managed specific projects identifying risks and opportunities while creating comprehensive documentation, plans and data reporting.

Miladis has expert knowledge and experience in development, documentation and implementation of ISO 9000 certification process, including subsequent audits and conversion to 9001:2000 certification requirements. Miladis had acted as the Deputy Quality Coordinator to insure ongoing compliance and maintenance of ISO 9001:2000 guidelines within all levels of client program definitions and Service Level Agreements. The Quality Manual has been used as an example in format and contents for new ISO 9901:2000 site registration programs. Miladis assisted Corporate Quality Focus Team in the integration of Service Excellence to the ISO process to establish electronic maintenance of site progress and continuous improvement programs.

Augmenting Efficiency

Excellent leader overseeing the daily operations of Laisar. Miladis ensures our business is well-coordinated and productive by managing its procedures and coaching its people. Miladis works closely with Executive Management to maintain and augment the efficiency of the company’s operations to facilitate accelerating development and long-term success.

  • Liaise with superior to make decisions for operational activities and set strategic goals
  • Plan and monitor the day-to-day running of business to ensure smooth progress
  • Supervise staff from different departments and provide constructive feedback
  • Evaluate regularly the efficiency of business procedures according to organizational objectives and apply improvements
  • Manage procurement processes and coordinate material and resources allocation
  • Oversee customer support processes and organize them to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Review financial information and adjust operational budgets to promote profitability
  • Revise and/or formulate policies and promote their implementation
  • Manage relationships/agreements with external partners/vendors

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