Jerome S. Paige, PhD


Silver Spring, MD, Office

Dr. Paige is an Advisor in Laisar’s Sustainability Consulting function, and provides guidance and technical assistance on ESG strategies.

About Jerome

Jerome S. Paige, Ph.D. holds a doctorate degree in economics and has been a practicing forensic economist since 1984. As an Advisor in the Sustainability Consulting function at Laisar Management Group, Dr. Paige provides guidance and technical assistance on ESG strategies, accessing real-time data, creating opportunities to quantify the benefits of impact-driven and sustainability projects.

He is the principal in his firm Jerome S. Paige & Associates, LLL – a forensic economics, business valuation and strategic planning firm. His senior associates have extensive backgrounds in the areas of valuing assets and assessing economic damages. Dr. Paige and his associates develop reports and provide analyses of reports relating to occupational, employment and earnings outlook, and relating to business damages and loss of profits. Their analyses are based on the reports of vocational rehabilitation and other experts and on independent research and analyses. Following the guidelines of the state of jurisdiction, Dr. Paige and his associates develop, and review assumptions, calculations, methods and conclusions used to arrive at estimates of economic damages.

Dr. Paige holds a B.A. degree in economics from Howard University (Washington DC) and a Master’s and a Ph.D. in economics from American University (Washington DC).


Since 2010, Dr. Paige has led studies and methodologies including: developed financial models for the development of a broadband infrastructure proposal for the southern part of the State of Maryland as part of the US Government’s initiative to extend broadband to rural communities in the United States. He has developed financial models for a start-up company that operates, and maintains state-of-the-art renewable energy systems for commercial, government, and educational institutions. The financial models strive to determine the strength and weakness of the project’s financial goals through various scenario testing of key benchmarks, revenue targets, profit & loss goals, break-even analyses, funding requirements, use of proceeds, cash flow analyses, working-capital analyses, internal rate of return, and exit strategies.

Dr. Paige also led initiatives such as Comprehensive Energy Plans, Energy Assurance Planning, Sustainable Energy Utility, Advanced Metering Infrastructure/Smart Grid, Green Financing/Green Jobs, Value of Solar, Energy Assistance Trust Fund, Solar for All Feasibility Studies and Analyses.

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