Hiwot Ergete

Data Analyst

Silver Spring, MD, Office

Hiwot collaborates with data stakeholders to extract data figures, creating reports based on their findings, and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs) to help determine the success of projects.

About Hiwot

Hiwot is a Data Analyst at Laisar and is responsible for using her knowledge of data processing software and business development strategies to provide sound business decisions to Executive Management and Project Managers.

Hiwot analyzes and interprets information and data from projects to determine patterns and trends as they relate to the reporting process and framework. She assist with developing reports and presentations on analytical findings. She conducts reviews on Laisar’s Software Performance, sourcing data from quality control, and from monthly project spend reporting to determine patterns, correlations, and causations of changes.

Hiwot demonstrates adaptability, personal responsibility, teamwork, close attention to detail, with strong organizational and communication skills, and ability to work under pressure while maintaining high level of accuracy. She has adhered to work procedures, SOPs and processes that support Laisar’s operations, technology initiatives and project management.

Data Review and Visualization

Hiwot is growing into an expert in data acquisition, statistical analysis, data review and visualization, pulling together and interpreting varied data and sources to help create socio-economic iompact stories to inform better decision-making.

Hiwot contributes as a technical resource, helping to maintain databases, information systems and other data infrastructure.

Hiwot is passionate for Cloud analytics, describing the application of analytic algorithms in the cloud against data in a private or public cloud to then deliver a result of interest. She learns about the deployment of scalable cloud computing with powerful analytic software to identify patterns in data and to extract new insights.

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