Adetowo Oyewumi

Project Development Manager

Silver Spring, MD, Office

Adetowo supports project teams through project life cycles from researching and analyzing project performance to providing insights and supporting implementation on deliverables.

About Adetowo

Adetowo is a Project Development Manager at Laisar providing operational support to project implementation and corporate governance. Adetowo is responsible for the management and development of new projects once data collection, research and analysis are executed. Adetowo’s tasks include active research to design new projects and to prepare and present new ideas to improve current processes which impact Laisar as a business. He collects information with the need to analyze statistical data, market trends and legislation relevant to projects.

Adetowo brings his entrepreneurial spirit and curiosity to his role at Laisar. At the height of the pandemic, he started two ecommerce businesses which enabled him to think through, document and implement business plans. He learned the value of carrying out quality research and analysis, especially the importance of asking the kind of questions that bring rigor and new insights to the data collected and ultimately to the business processes and operations. Adetowo appreciates the importance of robust record keeping, paying attention to details, and following up.Prior to joining Laisar and being exposed to the eCommerce space, Adetowo was a professional high-level athlete. His experience in professional sports equipped him with great collaboration skills, hard work, discipline, tenacity, a willingness to improve daily, and the ability to follow through diligently to the end of a task. He learned to keenly listen to, absorb and adapt instructions, feedback, and strategies from the coaching team. 

Applying experience in professional sports to management consulting

Adetowo aspires to be part of an innovative team working on cutting edge business issues he cares about such as economic inclusion, strengthening small and minority businesses, deploying technology in business innovation etc.

Adetowo will oversee the development and implementation of projects at Laisar. As part of his tasks, he will research data and gather information from the field. Adetowo will adapt his analytical skills and experience from professional sports to produce reports and statistical data to determine the viability of a project and to track its progress over time. Companies such as Laisar will rely on project analysts such as Adetowo to confirm potential project ideas are aligned with company goals and financial objectives.

Organizations of all sizes are increasingly seeing the value of doing business with local supply chains and specifically with diverse businesses within their communities.

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