Discover. Track. Engage. Analyze.

Streamline data collection, analysis and management in the compliance and reporting of workforce utilization, business utilization and socio-economic impact.

We leverage our secure web-hosted software application to enable our clients to manage and streamline their supplier diversity program.

Goals and Benefits

Tracking goals, demonstrating commitment to economic inclusion, workforce utilization, community and economic development.

Community Stakeholders

Enabling roadmap for regulatory requirements, community engagement, public-private partnerships, and socio-economic impact.

System of record for all compliance based spend tracking during the length of your project by capturing and storing all relevant data online, in a secure database.

We manage what we measure.

Measuring socio-economic impact helps companies show communities, government authorities, and other stakeholders the net benefits of their business spend to the economies and communities where they live and work.

We can track compliance and eligibility, spend at any tier without double counting, and generate custom reports.

How our clients benefit from our methodology

Our system of record provides a launch pad for organizations to begin tracking and measuring supplier diversity and generating insights and recommendations right from the start.