Contract Compliance

Identifying opportunities for enhanced operational functionality and efficiency that is facilitated with timely and meaningful reporting using measurement metrics to provide evidence of compliance.
How our clients benefit from our methodology

Platform to monitor

We establish a platform from which to monitor and adjust operational integrity.

Review of data sources

We evaluate data sources that support operational decision making.

Attention to external factors

We focus on enhancing attention to external factors that affect operational accuracy.

Tracking of effectiveness

We track the effectiveness of financial management and cost controls.

Evaluation of impact of data

We evaluate the impact of data that support meaningful and timely reporting.


We identify and recommend a set of measurement metrics in support of defining the overall effectiveness and compliance.

Contract Compliance Management

Objectives of the Laisar’s Compliance Management methodology and processes:


  1. Ensure compliance within mandated policy
  2. Evaluate operational compliance integrity
  3. Define opportunities to enhance organizational functionality
  4. Validate operational accuracy
  5. Define and evaluate the impact of database interfaces
  6. Identify opportunities to improve operational efficiency
  7. Track effectiveness of financial management & cost controls
  8. Ensure that timely and meaningful reporting is provided
  9. Develop a meaningful and manageable measurement metric
  10. Ensure that technology supporting the organization is properly aligned

Case Study: MGM National Harbor

Laisar has worked closely with the Executive Director for Construction and Contracts in the development of their small business compliance program.  As part of this exercise, we gathered requirements via interviews and facilitated working group sessions with the client, documenting requirements using various business analyst software. We prepared workflow analysis, use cases, process maps, analyzed business impact of service implementation of the newly developed compliance program and supported business process optimization.

Case Study: State of Maryland-Governor’s Office of Small, Minority & Women Business Affairs (GOSBA)

We collaborated very closely with GOSBA (formerly GOMA) on their multi-year and multi-site compliance and monitoring project supporting their economic inclusion regulatory requirements with the validation of budgetary inputs and a review of the process required to continually improve performance. Laisar developed tools and techniques and provided oversight of the data collection, database management, workflow diagramming, root cause analyses, SWOT analysis, and workload indicators, and business process improvement. As a result of our efforts, GOSBA streamlined their data collection and reporting process from 90 days to 7 days.

Case Study: FDA Center for Tobacco Products (CTP)

In our past experience delivering Technical Assistance for Tobacco Retail Compliance Inspections contract, Laisar interviewed stakeholders and provided analysis and recommendations to jurisdictions to assist in meeting contractual requirements regarding the inspection process for tobacco retail establishments. Our findings determined that working in silos was the main barrier which precluded jurisdictions from effectively and efficiently performing their contractual requirements. Laisar identified that each jurisdiction had a different interpretation of the enforcement of the Tobacco Control Act and it was important that we understand their process flow in order to properly support our task requirements.  We were effective in educating CTP about competing programs and the challenges of enforcing the regulations in the various jurisdictions.  A dynamic communication management process led to a more effective program.  Realizing that the roadblocks to execution were removed, CTP was able to cut their costs by utilizing their own staff for program enforcement.

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