Opportunities at Laisar

Since our founding in 2009, Laisar has contributed to the revitalization and development of communities by engaging with a broad spectrum of stakeholders from local, state, and federal government to corporations, developers and local small businesses and their residents. At Laisar, we understand that addressing social issues is smart business for our team and our clients. 

Are you driven to help make a difference in people’s lives? See how our shared values and your talent may also advance your professional aspirations. 

The Laisar Internship Program

The Laisar Internship Program provides university students and young professionals with measurable skills to cultivate their career goals.

We are a dynamic company that is on the leading edge of business and technology.

Whether you’re a current university student, a graduate, or just starting a career, we’ll equip you with the mentoring, the tools and support you need to develop your talent and skills to make a difference and achieve great things in this world.