Supplier Diversity Compliance

People. Process. Productivity.

We have developed a set of unique processes to ensure regulatory compliance responsive to government mandates that are applicable to Business Enterprises and Supplier Diversity regulations.​

A diverse supplier is a business that is at least 51% owned and operated by an individual or group that is part of a traditionally underrepresented or underserved group.

We help organizations take key steps that leadership can adopt to implement an effective diverse supplier engagement strategy.

  • Ensure compliance within mandated policy​
  • Evaluate operational compliance integrity​
  • Define opportunities to enhance organizational functionality​
  • Ensure that timely and meaningful reporting is provided​
  • Develop meaningful and manageable measurement metrics​
  • Ensure that technology supporting the objectives are properly aligned​
  • Analyze resource allocation and alignment​
  • Align position description with project goals​
  • Identify contributing constituencies, internal and external​
  • Create project reports for diversity monitoring​
  • Build relations with all stakeholders for diversity reporting

Strong emphasis on strategic communications, deeply rooted in data science, analytics, and location intelligence

We start by defining formal metrics that enable companies to measure the effectiveness of supplier diversity initiatives. We then ensure that local and diverse supplier engagement is incorporated into business processes for each functional unit. We help allocate a budget that ensures a commitment to diverse supplier engagement, and provides clear direction or strategy on the intent of the supplier diversity program.

  • Identifying underserved communities
  • Generating supplier spend insights
  • Adapting and localizing sourcing strategies
  • Developing strategies to remedy equity challenges within the supply chain

How we help you manage and measure Supplier Diversity Compliance Reporting

  • Collect and validate procurement data
  • Classify spend data per compliance rules
  • Provide insights into the supply chain
  • Generate KPIs to support supplier diversity and sustainability reporting
  • Track supplier diversity and sustainability performance
  • Create dynamic visuals to support reporting and corporate messaging