Our Capabilities

People. Process. Productivity.

How we help clients harness information and impact communities.

We align operational realities to comply with government mandates and corporate policies, identifying unrecognized possibilities for efficiency and business expansion, based on the underlying data that drives the enterprise.

Our expertise and holistic approach to data-driven strategies for Supplier Diversity, Sustainability, ESG, and Socio-Economic Impact reporting help generate opportunities for our clients by:

Increasing inclusion in the supply chain

Supporting and uplifting diversity within the supply chain

Generating data driven insights

Applying insights to create new procurement opportunities

Aligning Supplier Diversity with key corporate initiatives and commitments

Improving messaging to key stakeholders

Advancing sustainability and ESG goals through supplier diversity metrics

Generating KPIs to measure socio-economic and community impact

Creating dynamic visuals to support reporting and corporate messaging


Impact Reports

Impact Reporting

Supplier Diversity Report

Socio-Economic Impact Study & Report

Community Impact Report

Business Diversity Strategy

Business Diversity Program Strategy & Planning

Workforce Development & Training

Community Engagement & Outreach

Small Business Mentor Protégé Program Management

Supplier Diversity Compliance

Supplier Diversity Compliance & Reporting

Supplier Diversity Program Strategy, Design and Development

Supplier Diversity Spend Analytics

Business Consulting

Business & Data Analytics

Contract Compliance & Reporting

Research & Development

Sustainability Consulting

We help public and private sector organizations rethink sustainability performance and accountability. We help organizations with their sustainability, ESG, and impact reporting. We apply best practices and the highest standards of quality including, Metrics & Data Management, Content & Design Development, Global standards alignment including – GRI, SDGs, VRF SASB, ICMM, WEF, ESG Software advice & Integration Support.

Communications Management

We offer services that support internal and external messaging, branding and marketing.


Our integrated solutions support our implementation and enable organizations to think differently about community engagement and socio-economic impact by leveraging data science and analytics to develop economic inclusion strategies.

Unlock your impact in your surrounding communities.

ESG & Sustainability

We help you identify, define, and apply sets of metrics for consideration by stakeholders as a means of evaluating the success of sustainable programming.