Diversity Powers Progress.

Managing and Measuring socio-economic impact and inclusion since 2009

Impact Reports

We capture the social, economic, and environmental impact you’ve made within your organization and your community, turning data into compelling narratives that resonate with your employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, community-based organizations, and government leaders.

Business Diversity Strategy

We holistically evaluate your organization’s efforts to foster diversity and inclusion within its supply chain and company-wide strategy.

Supplier Diversity Compliance

We help you streamline data collection, analysis, and management in compliance and reporting of business and workforce utilization.

Business Consulting

We align operational realities to comply with government mandates, corporate vision and policies, identifying unrecognized possibilities for efficiency and business development, based on the underlying data and knowledge management that drive the enterprise.

We help clients tell data-driven compelling stories about their socio-economic impact, gain new insights into their organization, update their business diversity strategy, and actively comply with government and corporate requirements for supplier diversity.

Achieve your supplier diversity goals.

We assess your organization across 8 distinct dimensions in addition to utilizing procurement and supplier demographic data through our proprietary data analytics methodologies.

With this knowledge, we guide you through a custom plan to advance your supplier diversity program, guiding its evolution into a robust business diversity strategy.