Diversity powers progress.

Since our founding, Laisar has contributed to the revitalization and development of communities by using data to help organizations understand the social, economic, and environmental benefits of actively engaging with the surrounding communities in which they operate.

Beginning with data, we help our clients gain new insights into their organization, update business strategy, and tell compelling stories about socio-economic impact in the communities where they live, work and serve.

Engaged in an integrated approach to local workforce development

Community Impact Reporting Design

Community Impact Reporting provides accountability, transparency, and storytelling for actions led by organizations, allowing them to show their commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

We help organizations control their narrative and measure progress of their performance towards sustainability goals.

Supplier Diversity Program Design and Development

Achieve your supplier diversity goals.

Through our proprietary data analytics methodologies, we collect your company and procurement data, as well as current supplier demographic information. With this knowledge, we guide you through a custom plan to advance your supplier diversity program and goals.

Sustainability and ESG Reporting

Impacting Communities.

Understanding the power of local, small and diverse business spend is critical when building stronger communities. Leveraging the power of community engagement with economic and social impact reporting provides transparency and increases trust with key stakeholders.

Corporations, contractors, and government agencies turn to Laisar.

Companies committed to diversity and investing in the communities where they operate are more financially sound and yield greater bottom-line results.

We leverage our proprietary Laisar Supplier Diversity Assessment Methodology™ to assess organizations across distinct areas. Our framework provides a transparent review of where an organization is and how to move forward.