Harnessing Information. Impacting Communities.

For almost a decade Laisar has provided innovative services and solutions in the areas of economic impact & inclusion, supplier diversity, and contract compliance to corporations and the public sector.

Driving Growth by Building Sustainable Communities

Driving Bottom Line Growth Through Community Engagement

Creating Win-Win Solutions One Community at a Time

Driving Growth Locally Through Business, Community, and Government Collaboration

Socio-Economic Impact & Inclusion

We use internal and external data to help develop and monitor economic and social impact strategies. We help our clients achieve measurable outcomes. Telling the story behind the numbers.

Contract Compliance

We identify opportunities for enhanced operational functionality and efficiency that is facilitated with timely and meaningful reporting using measurement metrics to provide evidence of compliance.

Supplier Diversity

We apply proven strategies, and provide the services and tools that are used to collect, monitor and measure the economic and social impact of jobs creation, small and diverse business spend.

Kuvu: Data and Business Analytics

Location / Mapping Analytics

Real-Time Tracking and Monitoring

What We Do

  • Provide Socio-Economic Impact Services and Solutions
  • Leverage Data Science and Analytics to develop economic inclusion strategies
  • Interpret internal and external data to understand trends and economic impact
  • Use Location Intelligence to measure economic impact of current initiatives
  • Ensure that historically disadvantaged communities are a part of new and generational wealth creation
  • Use data and predictive analytics to ensure program success
  • Use custom tools and technology to track and monitor your goals and objectives

Why Laisar

  • We work with our clients to create a positive narrative that leads to good public relations and increased business opportunities
  • Our initiatives introduce suppliers who can offer new and innovative solutions
  • We identify new customers for our clients as vendors and their clients also become customers
  • Our clients meet and exceed their supplier diversity and economic inclusion goals
  • We design strategies for out-of-state companies to successfully engage with local and diverse companies increasing wealth in underserved communities
  • We are shifting the conversation from corporate social responsibility to economic opportunity for all

How Can Laisar Support You

  • Connect people, process and data sources
  • Communicate the story behind the numbers – Turning raw data into powerful insights
  • Utilize location analytics for community engagement strategies
  • Supplier Diversity – Tracking, Analyzing, Metrics and Reporting
  • Workforce Development Programs and Analytics
  • Economic Impact Analysis and Trends
  • Develop an effective, actionable and impactful Diversity Plan
  • Plan and implement a Community Outreach strategy
  • Craft a Community Benefits Agreement
  • Become your advocate with the local community, county or regulatory agencies

Selected Clients