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Laisar has been able to expand its footprint in supplier diversity compliance and reporting because of our innovative and integrated solutions for economic inclusion and workforce utilization programs complemented with our complete understanding of data collection, analysis and reporting on some of the largest construction projects in the United States.


We are a management consulting company based in the State of Maryland, specialized in providing a cohesive, integrated set of management services, strategic business services and solutions with the right mix of information technology tools and communication management methodologies that support organizational strategy and operations.

Laisar was formed in 2009 as a result of the passion that Florence Amate felt for operational excellence and the belief that under her leadership the company would enable organizations to reduce costs, reduce waste and errors and improve productivity, dedicating people and resources in core business disciplines.

Since 2011, Laisar has developed a set of unique processes to ensure regulatory compliance for corporations that must be responsive to government mandates that are applicable to implementing strategies to track supplier diversity and its economic impact on communities.

Our Vision: Harnessing the power of information to improve the development of communities.

Florence Amate

President and CEO

Florence Amate is our President and CEO, and provides strategic leadership for the company and establishes long-term goals, strategies, plans, and policies. She supervises day-to-day operations and molds the company’s culture to drive operational excellence.

Recognized as a Top 100 MBE in the Washington, DC Metro Area

by Capital Region Minority Supplier Development Council




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